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Fast and agile digital experiences; unlimited requests at a fixed, flat fee.


Simple. Reliable.

Optimize, execute, and measure your digital marketing technology needs.

Replace unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies with consistent output at a flat monthly fee. We’ll tackle your project needs with the confidence and efficiency that only seasoned industry veterans can bring at a price that delivers extreme value for the results. 

1. Add unlimited requests to your queue

We provide a personalized task board just for you, along with a private Slack channel and a dedicated project manager. You provide all the details and we reach out if there’s any questions. Adjust your priorities at any time, making sure we’re always focused on your most urgent needs.

2. Requests get completed one by one

We get to work right away, leveraging our expertise to get your tasks done quickly and effectively, usually with 48 hours. Worried a request is too big? Don’t be—we use agile methodology to break larger projects down into smaller tasks, making sure your project is always moving.

3. Hassle-free, streamlined process

We believe in totally asynchronous project management. We won’t waste your—or our—time in boring meetings. We use a combination of commenting on your project board, email, and slack messages to make sure that communication is ongoing and convenient for both parties.

4. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We provide a personalized task board just for you, along with a private Slack channel and a dedicated project manager. You provide all the details and we reach out if there’s any questions. Adjust your priorities at any time, making sure we’re always focused on your most urgent needs.


Hi, we’re Dragonfly.

We’re a new breed of digital service, uniquely focused on your end-to-end performance marketing needs. From user experience and design to development, SEO, CRM, emails, and analytics—we’ve got it covered.

Fast, flexible, affordable. Intrigued?


Turn your digital to-do list into an “it’s done” list.

We offer a wide variety of capabilities, proven over years of experience within agencies both large and small.

Marketing Materials Design
User Interface Design
User Research
Journey Mapping
Heuristics Audits
Comparative Audits
Accessibility Audits
Search Engine Optimization
Multivariant Testing (MVT)
Hubspot Development
WordPress Development
Webflow Development
Shopify Development
Email Design & Dev
Banner Ad Design & Dev
Analytics Setup & Tagging
Analytics Strategy & Insights
Measurement Strategy
CRM Implementation
CRM Journey Development
Platform Analysis
Web Services Integration

Subscription Plans

We have options that fit both your needs and budget. Billed monthly or quarterly; pause or cancel your subscription at any time.



All of your design and user experience needs, all in one simple package. Ideal for companies with ongoing needs in web, social, and digital design & marketing.

technology ONLY


A comprehensive development and marketing technology package, perfect for those who could use a technology-based hand on web dev and/or their marketing stack.



Turnkey design and development, plus all of your performance marketing needs, all in one simple package. Ideal for startups and small businesses looking to grow.



This combined design and development package delivers an intense, concentrated effort perfect for projects with smaller scopes or those that need to launch quickly.

This package is billed weekly.

Save even more with Quarterly or Yearly subscriptions, available at the time of your checkout.

Pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Questions? Schedule a call.


Questions? Answers!

We know you have questions. Feel free to schedule a call with our founders to answer any of your questions in depth, using the link below. In the meantime, hopefully these FAQs help cover most of the basics!

Still not sure of something? Schedule a call.

Finding high quality designers and developers with average experience levels of 20+ years would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary alone, plus benefits. Not to mention the time it takes to find a good fit. Our service provides you top quality talent at a fraction of the cost, ready to start today.

When you sign up, we will create and share a private Trello board with you, where you will input requests as tickets. We provide some example tickets as well in your getting started area, to provide some easy to follow examples. Commonly clients will attach or link briefs in Google Docs or Word, record Loom videos, or attach screenshots and any other specifications they might have. If you can link or share it in Trello, it will work for us.

There are absolutely no limits to the number of requests you can submit. Once you’ve subscribed, and are given access to your Trello board, you can add as many requests as you’d like to your queue. We will work through them one by one in the priority order determined by you.

Our service is built for requests both large and small. Smaller tasks are quick and simple, but we’re not afraid of larger ones either. If your task is larger in scale, and will take longer than our typical 2 day turnaround, we will break it up into smaller sub-tasks for you (a more Agile methodology). This way you also see and understand progress, and we can still manage it within the flow of our business.

The only downside of a significantly large project will be that it could take longer than a concentrated effort focused solely on your project. If you are interested in a quicker turnaround, check out our Turbocharged plan!

No problem. Pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional needs. The rest of your subscription will be here when you are ready with another project request!

On average, most requests can be completed in 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday. More complex tasks can take longer, but that will be communicated to you after we review your request and get started.

Once you’ve subscribed, we will also add you to a private Slack channel, where we can communicate more generally or urgently when needed. If we have questions, we’ll reach out though comments on your ticket (in Trello) or directly through Slack! Occasionally we will utilize email or a quick call over Google Meet or Zoom, but part of how we maintain our cost effectiveness and efficiency is that we are focused solely on the work and don’t do meetings as a rule.

Not a problem at all, as we offer revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Simply submit your change requests and we’ll get back to work.

Unfortunately there are no refunds due to the high quality of the work we provide. However, if you not satisfied with your subscription, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve this.

Today! Or tomorrow, depending on when you sign-up… but our subscription process takes less than a minute, and we’ll have your account ready to go with 24 hours, schedule our onboarding call and get started right away!